New Zealand Driving Holidays

queenstown road to glenorchy

New Zealand is the perfect destination for a driving holiday. Its roads are well formed and largely uncluttered, its tourist infrastructure is world class, and New Zealanders are committed to protecting, as well as making accessible, the beauty of their natural environment.

As renowned globetrotters, Kiwis easily combine pride in their homeland with empathy for fellow travellers and this is reflected in the warm welcome visitors receive. However, like their feathery namesakes, Kiwis often shun the limelight and many excellent experiences are found behind an unassuming exterior off the beaten track. A New Zealand self-drive holiday allows you the freedom to create your own unique and memorable experiences, and local knowledge is the key that unlocks a world of hidden delights.

Apex New Zealand Driving Holidays content is a result of a happy collaboration between Donna Blaber, a New Zealand travel writer and photographer, a family friend named Bob, and Apex Car Rentals. The result is a true “insider’s guide” to New Zealand. The driving routes and itineraries enable visitors to see the country at a pace that leaves time to savour the moment, with breakout options highlighting day trips of special interest. You can select from different road trips to create your own pathway through this fascinating land. Whether you choose the beaten track or the road less travelled, we’re sure you’ll discover New Zealand is a very special place indeed.

Use our road trips and travel guides to help create your own scenic driving holiday through New Zealand. When you’re ready to hit the road, book your car at one of 15 Apex car rental locations in New Zealand.

North Island Driving Holidays

hobbiton matamata

Adventure beckons throughout New Zealand’s North Island, and unique scenery awaits. In subtropical Northland proud forests of majestic kauri trees, some thousands of years old, share space with remnants of its gum digging past. Gnarled pohutukawa cling to windswept cliffs over golden beaches, and green rolling hills of farmland span across the island from coast to coast.

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South Island Driving Holidays

christchurch avon river

South Island is an awe-inspiring panorama of majestic snowy mountains, dripping rainforest, silent fiords and sounds, ancient glaciers, wide-open plains, and blue lakes and rivers. Home to only one quarter of New Zealand’s population, it is a place of grandeur and solitude, where visitors can truly be at one with nature. In parts, you can drive for hours before meeting another soul.

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