Apex Car Rentals – Making Extra Ordinary

At Apex Car Rentals we take the guess work out of renting a car by eliminating the “extras” other companies charge. We believe simple, transparent pricing is the way to go, which is how we make extra ordinary.


The following are examples of some common extras that other rental car companies might charge you for:

Child safety seats

Child Safety Seats & Child Booster Seats

As part of our efforts to simplify our offering, we decided to make all Child Safety Seats & Child Booster Seats free of charge. This makes things easier for family’s on holiday with young children.

One Way fees

One-Way Fees

This fee is often charged by car rental operators in a bid to keep cars grounded in a certain location. However, we understand that our fleet of cars move from point to point and can’t justify charging a separate one-way fee. In fact, there are times when we encourage one-way rentals. These are called ‘Relocation Rentals’ and are listed as deals on our websites. Our relocation deals have restrictions on pick-up and return locations and the length of rental, but they are cheap and very popular.

Under 25 surcharge

Under 25 Surcharge

Unlike some of our competitors, Apex doesn’t charge you extra if you’re aged between 21 and 24.

Premium Location Surcharge

Premium Location Surcharge a.k.a. Airport Location Fees

If you’ve ever picked up a rental car from an on-airport car rental location, you’ve no doubt paid for the convenience. Premium Location Surcharges and Airport Location Fees are generally charged by airports and this cost is then passed on to you, the customer. Apex car rental locations are situated off airport, so if you rent with Apex, you can avoid these fees.

Vehicle Registration Fees

Vehicle Registration Fees

This is another fee that companies like to charge to recoup the cost of vehicle registration. We don’t see why you should pay for the registration of a vehicle you don’t own, so this is another “extra” you can sidestep by renting from Apex Car Rentals.

Additional Driver Fee

Additional Driver Fee

Apex doesn’t charge you for adding extra drivers to your rental contract. However, all listed drivers must present a full and valid driver licence at time of rental. The primary renter is still responsible for any damage to the vehicle, but having additional drivers lightens the load on the primary driver and can make travelling long distances easier to manage and safer for all.

Credit Card Surcharges

Credit Card Surcharges

While we understand that there are costs involved with processing credit card payments, Apex doesn’t charge customers Credit Card Fees.
Important note: Apex car rentals must be secured using a valid Visa, Mastercard, American Express, China Union Pay, or Union Pay International credit card or bank issued Visa or Mastercard debit card.

GPS Units

GPS Units

We’ve also removed portable GPS units from our product offering, as the majority of our fleet have Apple Car Play or Android Auto enabled and customers have GPS available on their smartphones.

So the next time you’re considering renting a car, choose Apex Car Rentals and enjoy a simple booking process without the extras. That is Making Extra Ordinary!