Normal Hours Pick Up - Christchurch Airport

  1. Upon arrival at Christchurch International Airport, check your email for arrival and pick up instructions.
  2. Walk through the terminal, past the check-in counters and look for door numbers 1 or 2.
  3. Exit the building out either door.
  4. The shuttle pick up point is located to the right just passed the pink 'Park and Ride' sign.
  5. On the email you will see a 'Ready to Collect' button. When you are ready to be collected, simply tap/click the 'Ready to Collect' button. If you do not receive the email please phone our toll free number 0800 400 121 and let us know that you're ready to be picked up.
  6. When the van arrives, our driver will load your luggage into the back of the van or into a trailer.
  7. Please tell the driver your name and show him your confirmation (if required).
  8. Our location is two minutes drive from the airport terminal.

Video Instructions

Please review the following video showing the walk through Christchurch Airport to the shuttle pick up point.