After Hours Pick Up - Christchurch Airport

  1. After collecting your luggage dial 'M1' on the Airport freephone (located on a pillar at the exit from International arrivals) or call 0800 AIRPARK (0800 24 77 27).
  2. Wait for collection at the exit from International arrivals.
  3. Airpark will take you to their parking facility where they will show you to your vehicle.
  4. You must show them either your drivers licence or your confirmation before they will release the car.
  5. The vehicle will have maps and accessories as booked (this includes any ferry ticket vouchers) in the car.
  6. Prior to arrival you will be emailed pictures of the current condition of the rental vehicle and our fair wear & tear guidelines. We recommend that you walk around your vehicle at the time of pick up and feel free to add any additional photos to the link provided in the email.