After Hours Pick Up - Blenheim Airport

  1. On arrival, proceed to the car park ticketing booth located at the car park end of the rental car building.
  2. Look for a pin pad safe on the door adjacent to the ticketing machine.
  3. We will email you the safe code, an airport parking map and instructions for collecting your vehicle before arrival.
  4. There will be an envelope inside the safe with your name on it containing your keys and a description of your vehicle. The car will be parked in our rental car park spaces as marked on the map.
  5. A copy of your contract paperwork which include your drop off instructions will be in the glove compartment of your vehicle.
  6. Prior to arrival you will be emailed pictures of the current condition of the rental vehicle and our fair wear & tear guidelines. We recommend that you walk around your vehicle at the time of pick up and feel free to add any additional photos to the link provided in the email.